Components of Waterjet Systems STM offers various equipment options for your system

The STM systems for waterjet cutting consist of numerous different components. They range from A like Abrasive pressure conveying to Z as in Z axis. The new generation of STM Waterjet Systems has been designed to cut the water jet, taking into account the requirement of our customers. Extremely flexible and powerful.

Basic system with bridge Robust cutting system developed for continuous operation

STM waterjet cutting systems are 3-axis CNC controlled portal systems. They are powered via toothed racks on both sides.
The special guides are concealed and abrasive-resistant for the most part. The entire system is made of stainless steel and aluminium with high-grade low-vibration.

The STM Waterjet cutting system is extremely robust and developed for full-on continuous operation.

Z-axis Easiest adjustment with the touch of a button

All STM waterjet cutting systems are equipped with a CNC-controlled Z-axis. 

On all systems, the height of the Z-axis can be adjusted directly with a button. The abrasive dosing device as well as the cutting valve are attached on this vertical axis. 

The basic Z-axis has a clearance of 180 mm. The Z-axis is also available with a clearance of 250 mm, with compressed air controlled Quick UP, as well as with automatic height sensing and collision protection.

STM 3D cutting head The all-rounder for 3D cutting

The STM 3D cutting head is the kinematic solution for the 5-axis cutting processes of STM waterjet technology.

Thanks to the fixed "tool centre points", the cutting angle can be modified at random without moving the X-, Y- or Z-axis.

Depending on the model, cutting angles between 0 and 68° are possible.

Technical Data

Angle of inclination from 8° to 48° or up to 68°, depending on the model
2-axis swivel joint
The patented robotic kinematics swivels the cutting head through the tool centre point with unlimited motion. For instance, a 48° chamfer can be designed with unlimited length without obstructing high-pressure piping and abrasive line
Continuous height sensing of workpieces – thus permanent protection of the focusing tube and thus the entire cutting head against collision
Height sensor can be removed easily – for absolute freedom of movement during waterjet cutting with pure water and also with abrasive
Metal-clad mechanics and motors for high wear protection and a long service life
High-pressure piping designed for up to 10,000 bar bursting pressure “HP 160“
Chamfer angle can be adjusted without X/ Y movement – requires no compensating movement of the bridge!
Also ideally equipped for 2D cuts through the use of a standard waterjet valve and a standard abrasive cutting head
Mechanical tool centre point
Angle adjustment
No raised set-up of the cutting bridge required – this keeps its weight low and the drive system needs less power

Control unit State-of-the-art and reliable control

Equipped with a standard MS Windows computer and a fully digital CNC controller, digital CNC axes and AC servo motors, safety management, axes positioning and the PLC input/ output management are precisely controlled in the background.

The advantages are the clear-text error display, the high speed CNC controller for low-vibration positioning of the axes and the 10/100/100 MBit network connection for easy data management.

Highpressure Pump Different pump series with extensive options

STM uses high pressure pumps of the company BFT Austria for its waterjet cutting systems.

At the heart, the double-acting intensifier, is the water required for cutting with up to 4000 bar into the high-pressure piping system.

Pumps series SERVOTRON®

The pump series SERVOTRON® provides a reduction in the long-term cost of maintenance and power consumption. With an occupancy rate of 75% during single cutting operation (2,000 hrs.) Results in a power savings of 3,000 euros per year. The low pressure fluctuations of only +/- 1% at full load increase the duration of all live high-pressure components (seals, valves, pipes), thus reducing maintenance costs enormously.

Pumps series ECOTRON®

The ECOTRON® series is modular and allows to adjust the high pressure system to the individual needs of the customer. An extensive range of options available. All components are mounted as in the SERVOTRON® on a base frame.

Waterjet Cuttingvalve Universal use on various systems


Rapid and uniform switching cycles
Lightweight construction
Low external dimensions allow a close installation of several cutting heads
Universal use on various system
Easy to maintain
Inexpensive spare parts

Abrasive cutting head Mixing of water and abrasive sand

The highly pressurised water and the abrasive sand are mixed in the wear-resistant interior of the abrasive mixing head.

The water-sand mixture is then bundled in the focusing tube to form the actual tool, the abrasive waterjet.

Abrasive dosing unit Easier maintenance with the newly developed abrasive dosing head

The new design of the abrasive dosing head saves valuable working time during maintenance.

An optimised design solution simplifies general handling as well as maintenance

Technical data

  • Dosing system for abrasives from 0.1 mm to 0.5 mm
  • Adjustment scale 0 - 1000 g/min.
  • Pneumatically controlled
  • Repeat accuracy +/- 3%

Abrasive transfer system & abrasive storage State-of-the-art technology, simplified handling

The abrasive reaches the pressure bin from the supply tank via an automatic closure.
The filling level is monitored using sensors.

The supply tank serves as a reservoir and source of supply for the abrasive.

Abrasive Cleaning System Automatic rinsing out of the cutting tank

The consumed abrasive is rinsed out of the cutting tank by the automatic abrasive cleaning system.

Technical data

  • 3-level settling tank
  • Dimensions (l/w/h) 2300 x 850 x 810 mm
  • Empty weight approx. 300 kg
  • Power consumption 2.2 kW
  • A high-performance pump suctions the water out of the cutting tank via suction filter
  • The abrasive settles in two BIG-PACs that weigh approx. 1 t when they are full.
  • The second high-performance pump transports the abrasive that is separated from the water back into the cutting tank via two desludging heads.
  • It is controlled automatically via PLC. During the cutting with abrasive, the abrasive desludging system switches on and back off again after cutting at the end of the follow-up time.
  • When the BIG-PACs are full, they are set down to dry and replaced with new ones. The abrasive can then be disposed of in dry condition or turned over to the abrasive supplier for recycling.