STM MasterCut The all-round system for higher level requirements

STM MasterCut waterjet cutting systems are the perfect all-rounders for more-sophisticated cutting tasks. MasterCut systems provide the possibility of making three-axis 3D cuts or demanding 2D cuts. The systems operate resource-efficiently and are notable for their extremely low consumption of power, water and compressed air.

All components and screw fasteners of the design are made of wear-resistant stainless steel or aluminium. Characteristic are the flat underside, smooth side panels with concealed linear guides without bellows and high pressure pipe led through the axes. The fully digital drive consists of brushless AC servomotors with multiple-axis NUM  or Eckelmann CNC control unit. The matching software runs on MS-Windows and requires only a standard PC.

Benefits of the MasterCut Waterjet Cutting System

Maximum process reliability

Automatic scanning of the workpiece as well as collision protection provide for safe working. STM waterjet cutting systems are able to mark as standard and by means of the laser tracker setting the workpiece up can be done without difficulty

Profitable and sustainable

STM systems are distinguished by their low operating costs. The waterjet cutting systems are designed to use as little compressed air, electricity and water as possible.

STM SmartCut cutting software

The easy to understand cutting software can be adapted to ones own requirements through the addition of modular extensions. Within the graphic user interface all parameters are able to be intuitively set and dfx files can
be directly imported.

Top user comfort

STM waterjet cutting machines are accessible from three sides. The machine is operated by using a classic Windows PC and additional features such as the manual control provide top user comfort.

Traverse speed 15 m/min
Positioning accuracy ± 0,1 mm (per meter at 20°)
Repeat accuracy ± 0,08 mm (per meter at 20°)
Z-axis clearance 180 mm
1.000 1.500 2.000 2.500 3.000 4.000
1.000 WS1010 WS1015 WS1020 - - -
1.500 - WS1515 WS1520 - WS1530 -
2.000 WS2010 WS2015 WS2020 - WS2030 WS2040
2.500 - WS2515 WS2520 WS2525 WS2530 WS2540
3.000 - WS3015 WS3020 - WS3030 WS3040
4.000 - WS4015 WS4020 - WS4030 WS4040
5.000 - WS5015 WS5020 WS5025 WS5030 -
6.000 - WS6015 WS6020 WS6025 WS6030 WS6040
7.000 - - WS7020 WS7025 WS7030 -
8.000 - - WS8020 WS8025 WS8030 WS8040
9.000 - - - WS9025 WS9030 WS9040
10.000 - - - - WS10030 WS10040
12.000 - - - - WS12030 WS12040
  • Welded rust-proof machine frame of aluminium and stainless steel
  • Premium guides Y-axis, Premium gear
  • Cutting tank with bearing surface grating
  • CNC Z-axis
  • CNC control unit and PC interface
  • Control console
  • Brushless servomotors
  • STM SmartCut waterjet software
  • High pressure pump with a pressure intensifier between 11/75 kW or 4.000/6.000 bar depending on requirement
  • Waterjet cutting valve
  • Abrasive cutting head
  • Abrasive dosing device with sand quantity control up to 1.000 g/min and accurate to one gram
  • Supply tank for 250 kg abrasive medium
  • Heavy-duty load frames for workpieces of up to 1.000 kg/m²
  • Additional cutting heads on separate Z-axis or on the same bridge
  • Predrilling unit pneumatic    
  • Adjustable feet for cutting tank
  • Automatic abrasive recovery
  • Water level control
  • Pressure bag filter
  • STM Edge Tracker positioning laser
  • Manual rotatable holder for cutting valve for chamfered cuts to 48°
  • Supply tank for 1.600 kg abrasive medium
  • OnceClean, the modular all-round system for recycling and cleaning abrasive and water

Download STM_MasterCut_EN

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