OneClean System The modular allround system for reprocessing and purification of abrasive and water

Versatile, effective, economic

Lower your operative costs and increase your profits. OneClean, the modular allround system for recycling and cleaning abrasive and water enables even more sustainable operation of your waterjet cutting system.

The basic idea of STM to adjust waterjet cutting systems organically and modularly to the needs of the customer in order to thus cut even more economically and efficiently is clear from all aspects of the OneClean system. The system can be put into operation with a small investment and be expanded as needed at all times.

Five correlated modules allow special adjustment of the system to individual requirements. All modules of the OneClean system are without exception high-quality brand components that STM has helped to develop. The continuous solid structure as well as a central stainless steel frame with an aluminium casing guarantee the highest wear resistance and capacity.

OneClean Modules

The modules of the OneClean system can, depending on the customer requirements, be combined and added individually.
The modern process visualisation system with touch display informs about all processes at a glance.

Module 1: Hydro Filter

The OneClean Hydro Filter is the central part of the modular STM OneClean system. The module transports the water-abrasive mix out of the cutting
tank using electrical pumps with highly wear-resistant coating and separates the used abrasive from the process water. Then water can subsequently be transported to the conduit with the OneClean pressure bag filter.
The Hydro Filter is switched on automatically during the cutting with abrasive and back off again after the cutting process at the end of a short follow-up time.
The Hydro Filter sorts out abrasive into the BigBag. The collection container with the BigBag can be pulled out of the mounting device cleanly with a forklift.

Module 2: Pressure Bag Filter

The pressure bag filter cleans the wastewater or serves as a pump lifting tool if the drain is not right next to the waterjet cutting system.
Depending on the high pressure pump performance, approx. 100 – 200 litres of water per hour are fed into the pressure bag filter for the cutting itself. The pressure bag filter can be integrated into the OneClean system or also used as a “standalone” solution.

Module 3: Water Conditioning

Before the installation of an STM system, the water values are analysed and compared with a specially developed stability index. With deviations, high pressure pump manufacturers recommend an appropriate treatment of the water. The appropriate dose of the water additive is hereby added via the OneClean fresh water treatment.
For the water treatment, a dosing pump adds smallest, precisely dosed quantities of water additive to the feed water and thus restores the balance. The advantages are longer service lives for high-pressure seals and water nozzles.

Module 4: Water Cycle System

The water cycle system cleans the process water so thoroughly that it can be fed into high pressure pump again without hesitation. The separation limit of less than 1 µm is achieved with the employed ultra-filtration.
There is an upstream cascade of sediment clarifiers and filters that are automatically cleaned and monitored with PLC. Water revitalisation and ultra-filter round off the cleaning step. During the use of the water cycle system, only the water lost from evaporation must be replaced.

Module 5: Abrasive Recycling

More than 50% of the consumed abrasive can be recycled depending on the abrasive used and the cutting speed. That saves procurement, disposal and transportation costs. We are expecting approx. 50 tons of abrasive per year with a payback period of approx. 3-5 years.

Recyclable portititions of the used abrasive are filtered with a patented wet sifting process after the hydrofiltration stage and components that are too coarse and fine are removed. Recycling of the used abrasive is thus quick and easy without interrupting the cutting process. The drying process is extremely energy efficient.

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