STM PremiumCut IFC The versatile and robust design

STM PremiumCut IFC (Independent Frame Construction) systems are distinguished by their extremely robust design. Contrary to the construction of the conventional systems IFC systems have a free-standing frame structure for the STM Premium
guidance of the X and Y axes and a modular construction of tank elements. Due to this special construction IFC systems can
be expanded at any time. Tank elements can be added or components used for other cutting processes as required. Even sinking the tank elements into the floor is a possibility. STM PremiumCut IFC systems can achieve a Z-axis clearance of up to 1.200 mm and more.

The advantages are particularly where large-size systems are concerned. Moreover the construction with CNC milled stainless steel tank and massive frame construction also convinces with maximum wear resistance and robustness. The frame of IFC systems is anchored in the floor to achieve the greatest possible stability. Thus it is still possible to cut more than 12 metres long work surfaces extremely precisely. 

Benefits of the PremiumCut IFC Waterjet Cutting System

Stable and precise

The anchorage of the stainless steel frame in the floor guarantees complete stability and the highest precisionas well as wear resistance.

Low operating costs

STM systems are distinguished by their low operating costs. The waterjet cutting systems are designed to use as little compressed air, electricity and water as possible.

Maximum process reliability

Automatic touching and scanning of the workpiece as well as collision protection provide for safe working. STM waterjet cutting systems are able to mark as standard and by means of the laser tracker setting the workpiece up can be done without difficulty.

Flexible and upgradeable

Due to the construction with flexible tank modules IFC systems can be expanded at any time. Even a bridge clearance of up to 1.200 mm and more is possible. Moreover the construction simplifies transportation as well as installation of the system.

Traverse speed 40 m/min
Positioning accuracy ± 0,05 mm (per meter at 20°)
Repeat accuracy ± 0,03 mm (per meter at 20°)
Z-axis clearance 300 / 600 / 1.200 mm
A-axis feed 360 degree/sec
C-axis feed 360 degree/sec
1.000 1.500 2.000 2.500 3.000 4.000
1.000 WS1010 WS1015 WS1020 - - -
1.500 - WS1515 WS1520 - WS1530 -
2.000 WS2010 WS2015 WS2020 - WS2030 WS2040
2.500 - WS2515 WS2520 WS2525 WS2530 WS2540
3.000 - WS3015 WS3020 - WS3030 WS3040
4.000 - WS4015 WS4020 - WS4030 WS4040
5.000 - WS5015 WS5020 WS5025 WS5030 -
6.000 - WS6015 WS6020 WS6025 WS6030 WS6040
7.000 - - WS7020 WS7025 WS7030 -
8.000 - - WS8020 WS8025 WS8030 WS8040
9.000 - - - WS9025 WS9030 WS9040
10.000 - - - - WS10030 WS10040
12.000 - - - - WS12030 WS12040
  • Robust CNC milled construction
  • Brushless servomotors
  • Premium guide X & Y-axis with Bosch RexrothTM with high-precision ball bearing carriage and stainless steel balls
  • Heavy-duty load supports for workpieces of up to 1.000 kg/m²
  • CNC control unit and PC user interface
  • Control console
  • Marking of workpieces standard
  • STM SmartCut waterjet software
  • 3D cutting head or 2D cutting head
  • Automatic height sensing Z-axis    
  • STM Edge Tracker positioning laser
  • High pressure pump with a pressure intensifier between 11/75 kW or 4.000/6.000 bar depending on requirement
  • Waterjet cutting valve
  • Abrasive cutting head
  • Abrasives dosing device with manual sand quantity control 0-1.000 g/min
  • Supply tank for 250 kg abrasive medium
  • Additional cutting heads 2D/3D
  • Additional CNC Z-axes 2D/3D with cutting head incl. abrasive equipment
  • STM pipe cutting module
  • Predrilling unit pneumatic or electric    
  • Water level control for cutting tank 
  • Pressure bag filter
  • Automatic abrasive recovery
  • Supply tank for 1.600 kg abrasive medium
  • STM OneClean - all-round system for recycling and cleaning abrasive and water
  • Adjustable feet for cutting tank

Download STM_PremiumCut_IFC_EN

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