Waterjet Cutting Software STM SmartCut For waterjet technology professionals as well as beginners

Ease of use meets functionality

STM SmartCut is a complete program for creating or importing drawings, procedures for setting specific parameters for the waterjet and controlling the machine. Through this waterjet software the flexibility of the waterjet can be fully exploited. At the same, operation by proposed strategies is very simple. The basic module IGEMS is the base platform where possible additional modules are placed on. The software communicates directly between the waterjet cutting system and a standard office PC as a CNC control unit. The software allows faster processing of cutting requirements and the application does not require any special CNC or computer knowledge. STM SmartCut provides an easy-to-use and powerful CAD system whose user interface and the execution of commands were inspired by Autodesk AutoCAD®.

Short functions overview

  • DXF-, DWG-Import
  • CAD Module: includes all basic CAD functions such as: measurements, snap functions, layer, block, printing and drawing dimensioning
  • Automated optimization of geometry
  • Direct machine control
  • Machines and materials database
  • Database with different working strategies
  • Automatic recognition of external and internal contours
  • Supports multiple external contours
  • Common cutline to minimize the distance between parts and micro bridge function
  • Marking of workpieces possible as standard
  • Calculation module for the estimated time and exact costs of a contract, including a printable report
  • Visual cutting control by simulation mode
  • Automatic adjustment of the pump pressure and the amount of abrasive

Add-on modules


The TubeCut allows tube cutting with either C-axis or the tube laying horizontally on the table.
The cut can also be made with both 2D and 3D machines. Results can be easily visualized before cutting.

CAM Tools

CAMTools is a tool for editing, optimizing and correcting the cutting contour.


Allows importing the following file formats:
.CBF (CAMbAL V3 Dateien), .GEO (TOPS Dateien), .TAG (Taglio Dateien), - .ORD (OMAX Dateien), - .PRT (ADMiCUT V1 Dateien), .WMF (Windows meta Dateien), .IGS (IGES Dateien), .PS, .EPS (Level 1 Postscript)

Nest module
Nest Module


SignMaker is a tool specially developed for workshops making signs and design jobs. With this module you can take a picture (JPG/BMP) and automatically generate CAD vectors. You can also use true type fonts that will be converted to smooth geometry and use it in a NC-program.

NEST Level1 / Level 2 Schachtelmodul

The raster nesting (level 1) copies parts in rows and columns with optimal distance.
Auto nesting (level 2 - only in combination with level 1) automatically optimizes parts of different geometries. All geometric shapes are supported. That means lines, curves and circles also.


IGEMS Organizer module is a simple but effective database to save relevant information from working process to organize the work order. It stores all possible data from single parts, sheets and cutoffs. The system is based on a SQL database and is characterized by the fast retrieval of stored information.
Some features of the program:
Part management: tracking all required parts. E. g. you save information about customers, delivery dates and much more. Sheet management: Similar to the part management – but saves different information like material type, material thickness and amount. Furthermore it pursues the whereabouts of remaining sheets which stored were with an ID number. This means you always have full control over your materials in the storage.


Floating license is the network license of IGEMS and can be installed in any LAN network. With this option, you can install as many clients as you want and administrate the access with the Floating license module.

5X CAM module
5X CAM module
5X CAM module
5X CAM module

5X CAM Modul

With the 5X CAM module it is possible to cut bevels on tiles with the waterjet. The module is optimal for the welding joint preparation. Compared to other 5 axes-cutting solutions, the 5 X CAM modules is very easy to handle.
All you need to do is enter an angle and the width of the bevel and set the tool path. As easily as in the 2D machining, the cutting file is generated and forwarded by clicking on „Start“ on the controller.


With the AWJ Ramping technology, changes in material thickness or the cutting direction are included automatically into the speed. Thus the optimal speed and a curve optimization are always achieved.


With the AWJ Ramping technology changes in material thickness or the cutting direction are included automatically into the speed. Thus the optimal speed and a curve optimization are always achieved.