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STM 3D 68
The 3D cutting head STM3D 68 developed by STM.

In the field of research and development STM is involved in various projects. The own development department engineers and conducts research on innovative solutions every day. An example of the innovative strength of STM is the STM3D cutting head. The STM 3D cutting head is the kinematic solution for 5-axis cutting processes of STM waterjet technology.

Thanks to the fixed "tool-center-points" the cutting angle is variable at will without moving the x-, y- or z-axis.

Depending on the model a cutting angle between 0 and 68° is possible.


STM supports research institution and is a member of various working groups on water jet cutting. For example, the IW Leibniz Universität operates a water jet cutting system by STM for the education of its students. Further research partners of STM.

“Otto of Guericke" e.V. in cooperation with EUREKA – network for market oriented research and developmentProject “OSZIJET for the optimisation of water-abrasive jet cutting methods: The novel, controlled superposed oscillation mechanism of the jet nozzles is intended to optimise the feed movement of the waterjet-abrasive cutting systems so as to increase performance by up to 20%. Additional information is available at:

The work group waterjet technology AWT was founded in 1991 to promote waterjet use in manufacture and development.

This goal is to be achieved with an intensive exchange of information among manufacturers of systems and components, users of this technology and research institutes.

Along with information about activities both nationally and abroad, the development and solution of joint issues is another objective.

Additional information is available at:

The project groups can use the waterjet cutting systems in the demonstration centre of the company for that. STM Waterjet GmbH Germany has also successfully supported the Mainfranken racing team of the technical college since it was founded and has assigned regular project work as well as seminar and diploma projects for years.

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Additional information is available at:

 Institute of Materials Science
Leibnitz Universität Hannover
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Friedrich-Wilhelm Bach

At the Institute of materials science, a WS 0707 of STM is used to train the students

The system is used exclusively for the training of students within the scope of project work, seminar and final papers because of its operability and the reliability of the installation engineering. 

Download the report about STM waterjet cutting system application:
System use at the Institute for Materials Science

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The ”Water-abrasive injector jet cutting” project: development of a low-wear, reliable cutting head as well as an abrasive feed with minimal air intake for processing of hollow parts.

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