Used but in mint condition.

If you are interested in a used StM waterjet cutting system simply get in touch with us.

Used systems are of course subjected to a rigorous examination and brought up to state-of-the art. condition. Hence you always purchase a system as good as even if not entirely new.

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This is an offer
one cannot refuse.

That an StM waterjet cutting system is the best investment in the future is explicitly emphasized here once again. Because whoever opts for StM can benefit hugely from this decision after 7 years.

It’s very simple: If you submit your newly acquired system to a service by our service team annually, after 7 years you can purchase a brand new machine in exchange for your current system – at a special bargain price!

Moreover you can also acquire your used model on the best terms.

SWITZERLAND STM used system WS3015 BJ 2012

  • Year of manufacture: 2012 - 121001
  • Condition: Modified
  • Scope: Guide machine 1 head with height scanning + pump + flushing basin
  • Pump: Böhler Ecotron 40.37
  • Pump hours: 2624 h
  • Owner: Reinwasser GmbH
  • Current condition: completely reconditioned - PC still has to be replaced
  • Availability: 1 month - or immediate

Reinwasser GmbH,
Roman Vogt, ,
+41 78 77 87 878

SWITZERLAND STM used system WS4020 BJ 2013

  • Year of manufacture: 2013
  • Condition: Good - being reconditioned
  • Scope: Guide machine 1 head without height scanning + pump
  • Pump: Böhler
  • Pump hours: 2713 h
  • Owner: Reinwasser GmbH
  • Current condition: Being reconditioned
  • Availability: 3-4 months - or to be agreed

Reinwasser GmbH,
Roman Vogt,,
+41 78 77 87 878